Christmas 2010

spirit of giving
enter my heart right now
my hands are open



the heat of the sun
warms the inside of my bones
glorious relief


Moonlit Decisions

your quiet heat sparks
an array of decisions
on the wall, moonlight



to give what we have
to all who might need today
what more is this life?

hanshen says 'strive hard'
to find the compassion place
there the lotus blooms

we wait in moonlight
two pieces of one small part
of the cool nights air

knowing and searching
somewhere in the secret mines
that diamonds are found


For President Obama

marching one by one
found dignity and sweet grace
envisioning peace

here, we start anew
that ancient bell swinging free
our biggest nightmare

we gather arms, now
foes lined in an endless row
a perilous fight

and from no merit
here comes our biggest surprise
a small cup of hope


hidden fantasies
echo around these soft mounds
a rosebud opens


No Gifts This New Year

no gifts this new year
to lay at your newborn feet
just ourselves, bloody


struggling with this pain
deep inside my sorrow's gate
the lamb comes, empty


my heart is out there
hanging red in the cold snow
gazing, such silence


Winter Comes

winter comes to us
folded in a mild white snow
chimney's smoking grey



clouds pass easily
sure of their place in the world
why do we fret so?

not content to just
sit by and wait for the moon
and it's instructions

it is our longing
that divides each new daylight
and tortures our souls

oh, sweet upheaval
freedom lost to the swirling air
while mankind stutters

banks down in red flames
toast my flying toes, bullets
whir past my white wings

babies are dying
as the planet cracks, water
swelling up our shores

as idiots mess
with power and assumption
to mend our smallness

not of this present
I fly and dip and watch and
record my story

of mankind and earth
and the woe of her peoples
powerless to help

in the black trenches
of our madness and deceits
I sail so fiercely

used by some God
that I do not understand
to do this small task

can I accept this
measure of my life and times
today, the answer?


This Dead Sea

all moonlit sorrow
reflected back this black night-
disappearing clouds

gone to the dead sea
heaving with all that's undone
little wisps of light


Bridge for Rumi

to touch the silence
and comprehend your beauty
I come with no words


miraculous clouds
bend to my whim and fancy
look, an angel soars


Black Night

eerily silent
black night looming before me
a coyote howl



the chatter of birds
a cigarette, strong coffee
no amusing words


Embrace for Yvonne Lucero-John

dear Guadalupe
let your roses guide our hearts
and embrace our thoughts

Lamb and Lion

quiet enemy
fall into these arms of joy
lamb and lion singing


Some Here for Tom 'n Therese

fanciful visions
grace your house in the desert
some here, some out there

Missing You

grey clouds descending
this chill my sweet companion
as I think of you

Some Other Springtime

you, dying flower
shall we speak of destiny
some other springtime?


For Peter and Tom

I have a real man
that makes me laugh in his arms
and cry on his chest

I have a real man
that engulfs me in his smell
and makes my world safe

I have a real man
that makes my aches go away
and ends the long search

I have a real man
that gives me what my father
choose not to give

I have a real man
that makes a little boy swoon
at sight, at first sight

I have a real man
that lays in my bed at night
and waits for my touch

I have a real man
that shares his perfect dreams
across my small brow

I have a real man
sent by a stream of angels
to persuade me on

I have a real man
who carefully holds this soul
my hidden jewel

I have a real man
who shows me what love does
when I don't know how

I have a real man
given to me secretly
a gift for some time

Another Moment

another moment
to be exactly myself -
watching the world spin


Homage to Klee

dare us to look back
to the full music of your
intersecting lines

rare colors of orbs
and squares and music and hearts
abstracting your life

haunting melodies
enchanting the eye, the eyes
killing eyes, your eyes

watching the horror
grow, a rare cancerous plant
invading your spheres

stamping your nature
with hate and persecution-

angels descending
through an ancient black doorway
mark territory

in your universe
as you watch your big brushwork
return a new song

somewhat unearthly
limbs disconnected and far-
where your spirit reigns



who broke the tight seal
to this odyssey of words-
my black ink poised

Old Grief

nearing the far end
of this chapter on old grief
is it spring I smell?

Brotherly Love

witnessing your plunge
such painful reminders of
ghosts and locked closets

For Ričardas

tiny white snowdrops
dusting the greening hillside-
one more snow to come


For Charlie

what if you could give
yourself a new beginning
hand in hand with God


For David

new information
rewriting our histories
mapping some new land?

did we learn to love
at the mercy of the womb
what did you expect?

what did I expect
with the world consuming them?
did we expect time?

time in the speed age?
time, for more meaningful stuff?
time for praise, glory?

damaged by greed
getting ahead, moving on, go-
were we left behind?

left with broken dreams
left, mending ourselves slowly
outside history

or are we flowers
of some new garden to come-
rare exotic breeds

stronger in the storms
surviving an arid land
without a compass

what can we leave to
our children, our families
with this wealth of time

survival for some?
the fittest gets the big prize?
losers weep alone?

so, what about our time?
the road keeps moving
even if we stop

no one really cares-
so what do we make of life
trying to reach in

without much regret-
trying just to understand
our stop, this detour

are we going back
to find something we have missed
something that was lost?

back to the floating
immeasurable waters
back to the real gift


For Free

listen to the rain
echo our earths nourishment
for free, all for free


One Moment

look into my eyes
their enchantment, dread and dreams
for just one moment

Walking With Peter

no epiphanies
just the cold winter light play
and walking with you


black vines ascending
to a pregnant winter sky
grown patient and white

Just For God

on the perfect ice
I see my mother soaring
skating just for God


yearning for spring's blush
I remember the laughter
of the hummingbirds

Against A Cold Wind

against a cold wind
my old trees lacy black buds
shiver in the light

Journey Home

in this cave, my soul
scribbling down every thought
as if Hanshen lived

this great mad poet
reading my words eagerly
tearing and smiling

knowing this exile
takes a complete surrender
to all the known gods

emperors seeking
answers to the big questions
will not find them here

this cave is locked
full of poets and mad men
on their journey home


they come from somewhere
distant, like backround music
this flutter of words

Basho's Walk

reading old haiku
I wonder about Basho's
walk through Japan's heart


Happy Valentines Day

there is this fine thing
yes, a fine thing, this love, love
that grows and knows, knows

there is this glad thing
yes, a glad thing, this love, love
that sows and shows, shows

there is this pure thing
yes, a pure thing, this love, love
that flows and grows, grows



six perfect veneers
inside the nastiest mouth
you've ever seen

I Bow Down

I bow down once more
to the long unbroken line
pointing at the moon

To Age

wishing to be young
my breaking body undone
one, by one, by one


Great Dreamers

to you great dreamers
let me sing praise and power
in your breast I sink

Happy New Year Peter!

we are so lucky
to have loved each other
for so many moons

Waiting for 2008

ebullient master
shall we drink of the divine
and take in the moon?

this eternity
that passes as our small lives
but beams of your light

measured in days
years mounting the mounting years
the same old moon there

some clear brilliant light
shadowed by our own dreams
problems and pleasures

come take the moon back
let it play in your pocket
hiding its full force

so we can stumble
along in the blackest night
of our timely greed

no beckoning gods
myths or new superstitions
invading our souls

I have travelled far
in the halo of your heart
and I am wanting

so let me sit here
and wait for this long moment
to become a year



my tarradiddle
lofted over the rainbow
with Judy Garland


Happy Holidays

plodding through the streets
shopping the American dream
he pauses to scream

Winter Approaches

leaves, tossed by the wind
do their gentle dance of death
winter approaches


I offer it all
as a prayer to the gods
flesh, bones, brains, longing


spring rains pelt the ground
sinking under the soft earth
cleansing, for cleansing


A Puppy For Tom

he said I was like
a puppy taken to soon
from his mother's breast


A Sure White Death

so cold in my bones
this long winter spell lasting
like a sure white death

A Japanese Prayer

evergreens shrouded white
make me long for spring's return
growth, cherry blossoms?


What Part Have I Played?

and there it is – death
what part have I played here
amongst the small gods?

Many Paths For Joshua James

there are many paths
that lead to ancient kingdoms
desire, the quickest


exquisite details
mock my saddened state
frost on a window


quiet persistence
a fine way of attaining
something close to bliss

Too Much On Your Plate?

entitlement steals
equalities dream
too much on your plate?

Eight Buddhist Nightmares

a man confused
by a roads merciful turn
death before dying

death before dying
a rose loosing her petals
remaining a rose

stories adding up
to sums that will break your heart
death before dying

time already spent
worshipping the wrong altar
death before dying

bowls crying quickly
before she starts the slight broth
death before dying

numb insane tributes
to news of senseless slaughter
death before dying

'it’s all in our hands
and God is made up or dead’
death before dying

pain, like constant rain
filling small buckets of hope
death before dying

The Problem Is Air

the problem is air
sustaining the harmonies
of this major chord

Such An Adventure For John Geary

to be born of light
and forged by the great unknown
such an adventure

Touching A Haiku

touching a haiku
perfect moments to free up
and go somewhere fresh

First Snow For Bob And Martha

first snow of winter
blankets the harbors grey edge
a lone gull searches

Happy Fifty-Two

another year gone
inked like so many notes
on yesterday's heart


Old Age Lament

are we even now?
I am desired by no one
and I desire all

A Cry For Protection

such early crocus
their downy underbellies
cold in the hard rain



too much reflection
in the moon's dutiful eye
and our souls ignite

And What Is The Truth

and what is the truth
as I gaze into your eyes
hidden in half light

Up The Precipice

up the precipice
scaling the unknown tower
a clear light beckons


Forever Changing

this perfect day sings
the last leaf drops from the tree
forever changing

Growing Up

concepts of time wrong
so fragile from want and care
the peach is eaten

Struggling To Know

a constant process
struggling to know fully
the demands of death

Lies We Believe

lies that we believe:
we are tired of walking
and we blame the road

What Carries The Leaf?

it is over now
all air has stopped for me
what carries the leaf

The Horizon Line

the clouds set firmly
against the horizon line
dancing in your eyes

Who Will Remember

a blip on the screen
we make our small mark today
who will remember


So Alone

she seems so alone
sitting in her corner there
some strange twist of fate

Winter Clouds

rippling turquoise seas
winter clouds dressed at dusk
one black bird soaring

Hearts Full Of Love For Peter

two fat buddhas laugh
their coats loose in the breezeway
their hearts full of love

To The Arms Of God For Pope John Paul II

great iron bells ring
a clarion calling us
to the arms of God

At Dusk

Gods’ warming embrace
soothing our sins and sorrows
so divine this light

Ancient Heart

oh ancient heart
dampened by this sodden earth
mask my disarray

A New Road

this slight turning away from
all that is desire

Die Here

your airs low pulsing
beyond my immediate touch
die here in my arms

While We Watch

while we watch the great
white Kilimanjaro melt
fat cats stump the pump

A Prayer

this quiet yearning
in the marrow of our times
a prayer for mankind


inside my sweet heart
lay deeper darker chambers
prisons of blood, gold

Last Hurrah

autumns last hurrah
a pale leaf swirls to its death
startling the fresh snow


in the subtle realms
there are no answers to why
guiltless, guiltless here

Secret Chambers

the secret chambers
where gods and artists play
have kept us alive

for Johnny Baranski

illusive haiku
too few opportunities
to catch a moonbeam

Untold Mysteries

green in the distance
calling out a maiden's song
untold mysteries

Happy Anniversary Lover

sixteen winters gone now
the sure warmth of your body
sitting next to mine

Thoughts Of Renewal

fall sweetens the air
with thoughts of renewal
ball gowns and bouquets

Going Somewhere Fast

surrendered thoughts
bouncing down the waterways
going somewhere fast

For My Son

when you feel afraid
best to just sit down and wait
until the moon talks

Smart Posturing

your smart posturing
doesn’t move the wind one bit
but neither does mine


Perfect Day

this perfect day sings
the last leaf drops from the tree
forever changing

Tender Silhouette

now, in my mind's eye
your tender silhouette, then
a lost masterpiece

Connecting Us All

praying constantly
connecting us all in time
this quiet horizon

Fabulous Buddha

fabulous Buddha
bright white light snow fades softly
across my eyelash

No Time

there is no time now
and never enough of it
to make us content

Daffodils Revolt

daffodils revolt
dotting the hill with color
one dressed in white

So Simple

sun sparkling surely
feet splashing the water edges
joy is so simple

Many Sights For Joshua James

there are many sights
as I walk down this old road
your face is the best


One More Night

fiercely desired
penetrated, exultant
grasping, one more night


he opens to bliss
spreading his musky white wings
around my faint heart

This Idea

constant suffering
this idea ripping open
all that I have known

Glorious Death

leaves, peppered in red
announce their glorious death
as I ponder mine


Much Deeper

much deeper than mind
these swirling base currents of
your fine floating world


Your Accusations

your accusations
go directly to the point
already boiling

This Forgotten Place

this forgotten place
obscured by countless new moons
has gotten older


I am afraid here
towering grey black blown waves
come in God’s name now

Saving Grace

by the grace of God
I put my rosary down
prayers answered

Once Again

yes, a simple smile
reminds us all once again
how lovely we are

Tribute To Joni Mitchell

songs are like tatoos
scratching words on my hard heart
with such precision

In Your Name

heavenly kinfolk
in your name I loose myself
again, and again

Oh, These Dying Days

nothing special now
I do not wish to disturb
the waters journey

oh, these dying days
I will not lift a finger
to the glowing moon

Skipper For Robert Snyder Sr.

skipper on the main
just sailing by one by one
starlight on water



the smallest green sprout
silent, paying homage to
two geraniums

Winter Light

a winter light dusts
the rooftops of my small town
another year gone

Understanding You

on the long walk home
the late sky darkened with tears
understanding you

The Only Answer

under a sure sky
the only answer for today
passionate living

Dark Bird

I am that dark bird
picking over your clean bones
ashamed, needy

Not One Sacred Moment

marching through my day
not one sacred moment to
slay this house of cards

Guide Me

sojourner’s moon
numbed by folly and fog
prepare to guide me


so many options
for the end of the known world
kaboom, hiss, sizzle

Funny Old Thing

when did that man there
become a funny old thing
dusting his shirt off


watching my small words
wander around your mind's eye
priceless, yes priceless


God Given

that waters can flow
to grow this perfect round peach
all is God given

Time For Poetry

time for poetry
some ancient moving clockwork
that rings, chimes and needs

The Secret

you, laughing so hard
tell me the secret of your bliss
and I will share it

Six Notes For God's Ears

no power tonight
over pains hot votive burn
blazing and growing

old loveless insults
tramp my defenseless bones
with sharp sticks, quick knives

no, no place to hide
not even in the strong arms
of lovers gone by

where will this journey
take my caged body to,
what awful places?

God, I am your fool
in awe of this consciousness
and this map to know

new eyes for the dream
dream, a refreshed spirit,
coming this black night


pass the day away
wearing comfortable shoes
life is difficult

Sit Here With me

put down this dark veil
your incredible fear of death
and sit here with me

My Beloved

this pile of grey dust
these ashes, my beloved
carried by the wind

Marking Our Time

light clinging sideways
one last ray marking our time
adding mindfulness

The Wonder Of Now

it should be easy
like picking up a beach stone
the wonder of now


imagine drifting
not connected or holding
on to anything

Another Day

finally, light breaks
open the morning’s option
to another day

Next Right Thing

do the next right thing
day after day after day
life perfects itself



I am angry at
the rivers unyielding course
again, resisting

Gift Of Seeing

the gift of seeing
all the way through it, oh yes
haze on bright moonlight

I Know Who You Are

I know who you are
he said so knowingly, that
suddenly, so did I

Another Day

celebrated Buddha
another day at the wheel
toiling for mankind


My Portrait by Rianna

For My Brothers 2007

middle aged men
browse the line to forever
each cloud a new dream


lamenting God's gifts
we shudder in sorrow's grip
suddenly, a sound